1102436_711874235497568_875581053_oI am Jan Petitt, co-owner and Vice-President of Floyd C. Petitt Insurance. I joined my husband Floyd in February 2005 to be an active member of the agency. I worked for over 20 years with preschool, the last years being an administrator over a Montessori School and prior to that the Montessori director at First Baptist Church. Born in Oklahoma, and then on the move because my dad worked in the oilfield, until we moved to Fort Stockton. Graduated from Fort Stockton High School in 1977, moved to San Angelo in 1985 where I began Montessori training and began working at First Baptist Church. Floyd and I have four children, Cody, Becca, Melissa, and Bryan; most important we have four beautiful grandchildren, two girls, two boys who make Nana so happy. I tell Floyd maybe it is time to retire and play Nana, he tells me not yet. I now know why they call them grand!

I obtained my General Lines Life, Accident, Health & HMO license in 2006, my SGS (Small Group Specialist) designation in 2010, and my CHRS (Certified Healthcare reform Specialist) designation in 2013. I specialize in the health side of our business, believing the education of insurance is vital. Many changes have taken place and change continues to happen and it is my responsibility to educate you on how your plan can work for you. Buying something and not knowing how to work it or how it will work, is no help to our client. I hope if you have questions or need to purchase health insurance, that you will come by the office or give me a call and let me help you. I will strive to obtain and keep your business. My plans are to get my Property and Casualty license in the near future so that I may better serve all of our clients.